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Largest Metric Motor Stock in Western Michigan

CEG Electric MotorsAuthorized warehouse and distribution center for CEG Metric Electric Motors

CEG is a high-quality line of metric AC motors. Our warehouse in Kalamazoo Michigan holds an extensive inventory of common ratings. CEG can replace 95% of the metric motor aftermarket . This includes 230 / 430 Volt as well as 575 volt. We also have B-5 (D-Flanges), B-14 (C-Flanges) and off standard as well.

We can help reduce overseas freight costs – reduce your downtime and increase your bottom line.

  • Multi-Mount, With Pre-Tapped Holes from 63 to 180 Frame Allowing Configurations (F1, F2, F0)
  • Removeable Feet – 63 to 180 Frame
  • IP55 Enclosure Washdown with Pressure Hose
  • 1.15 Service Factor
  • EPACT Approved CE UL and CSA – ISO9001
  • Full Range of Increased and Reduction Flanges (Some Sized Require Shaft Modification to Install)
  • Suitable for Inverter Duty 10:1 Variable – 4:1 Constant (80 Frame and Above)
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  • Type MTEPS – High Efficiency
  • 1 – 30HP 90L to 180L Frame are EPACT Approved
  • 200L FR and Higher Will Follow (Cast Iron)
  • Type MTOML – Standard Efficiency
  • 56 to 80 Frame and Increased Output Motors
  • Standard and with Brakes
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  • High Starting Torque: .5 to 3.5 HP – 63 to 100 Frame 2 and 4 Pole
  • CAP Start CAP Run – Industrial & Agricultural Applications
  • Low Starting Torque: .5 to 3.5HP – 56 to 100 Frame 2 and 4 Pole
  • Permanent Capacitor – Fans Blower Applications
  • Single Voltage of 110V or 230 V
  • Dual Voltage 115/230V
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  • Type MTFHC
  • Standard 3-phase with Lenze Brakes 2, 4, 6 and 8 Pole
  • CAP Start CAP Run – Industrial & Agricultral Applications
  • Type DPFHC
  • Two Speeds, 3-Phase with Lenze Brakes
  • Type MMFHC
  • 1-Phase Design With Lenze Brake
  • Also available from Factory Compact (Gradual) Brakes and High Torque AC Brakes
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  • Standard B5 and B14
  • B14 Increase Flanges
  • B5 and B14 Reduction Flanges
  • Custom Flanges or Adaptor Plates Available
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C Flange
Threaded Holes For Mounting

D Flange
Always Thru-Bolt

3 important dimensions to measure are the P, N, and M dimensions in millimeters

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Alternative Flanges

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