56C Frame Rolled Steel NEMA AC 60Hz – 1/3-3 HP

1PH and 3PH TEFC 60/50 Hz NEMA AC C-Face Footed and Round Body 56C Frame Motors

Elektrim 56C Frame Rolled Steel Electric Motors are an energy-saving, continuous duty TEFC commercial rolled steel 56C frame motor designed for the user who requires good quality performance for home and/or light industries. Available with and without thermal protection & manual reset, c-face footed or c-face footless mounting and in 1PH or 3PH, Elektrim 56C Frame motors feature a high starting torque, 1.15 service factor, IP55 protection and 1-year warranty. Three phase Elektrim 56C motors are also Inverter Duty Rated 3:1 CT & 5:1 VT.

Applications: Energy-saving continuous duty 56C frame motor designed for applications requiring exceptional value, quality and performance at home and/or in light industries.

  • Service Factor: 1.15
  • Design: “B”
  • Protection Degree: IP55
  • Enclosure: TEFC 56C Frame Motor
  • High locked rotor torque
  • Three Phase Inverter Duty Rated 3:1CT & 5:1VT
  • Rated 380V 50 Hz with lower HP output
  • Available with and without thermal protection and manual reset (TP)
  • Rolled steel NEMA 56C frame motor
  • Aluminum alloy cast C-Face
  • Continuous duty
  • Energy saving design
  • F1 assembly
  • CSA-US certified and CE marked
  • Warranty: 1-Year