Helical Inline

Posted By: wpadmin | December 16, 2016

Sizes 16
Mounting position M1 – M6
Torque range 88 – 230,000 lb-in
Performance 0.16 – 200 hp
Ratio 1.35:1 – 14,340.31:1
Efficiency >95%
Electric Motor Sales Inc
  • Gearing meets up to date international high standards
  • Wide selection of motors and brake-motors including inverter-duty motors
  • Units available for harsh environments
  • Integrally cast foot or flange designs
  • Sleek design for easy cleaning
  • All bearings selected to provide long and trouble-free operation
  • High quality sealing for enhanced leakage-protection
  • Output side is integral part of the housing, no bolt-on output cover to cause leakage or gear-misalignment
  • Robust cast iron housing

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